Our [ADN] is United

Our [Mission] is you

Our mission is to bring you closer to nature through our skincare line, inspired by the breathtaking beauty and diverse heritage of Canada. Our goal is to amplify your natural beauty and overall well-being with products that not only perform exceptionally but are also ethically crafted, keeping the environment, animals, and communities in mind.

We stand by you in your journey towards authentic beauty and health, guided by shared values and aspirations, promising to deliver skincare solutions that resonate with your spirit and respect the planet.

Discover our story

Decades of Paramedical Innovations

Our Leader

Isabelle Blanchard is a Canadian luminary and entrepreneur with an unyielding belief in the marriage of science and everyday habits as a conduit to a healthier, fulfilling lifestyle. A steadfast advocate for integrating mind and body wellness into every facet of life, Isabelle channels her unwavering conviction into creating products that not only adorn but also nourish and rejuvenate. A testament to her tenacity, the Katrine Marso brand encapsulates her vision for a world where beauty and well-being go hand in hand, sculpting a healthier, more radiant future.

A Message from her

"I've always held a deep conviction that beauty extends beyond mere appearances. It is a harmonious blend of physical well-being, authenticity, and our symbiotic relationship with nature. Our skin is our largest organ, a mirror that reflects our overall health and the lifestyle choices we make. A radiant complexion is not achieved by layering numerous products, but by nurturing our body with a balanced diet, sufficient hydration, and mindful self-care. Remember, beauty is not a mask to hide behind, but a journey of self-love and acceptance. We, at Katrine Marso, are not simply crafting skincare solutions; we're fostering a mindful lifestyle that celebrates the unique beauty in each one of us." 

- Isabelle Blanchard

A Synergistic Approach

Beyond the individual performance of each product, our dermatological laboratory ensures that our products work in synergy. We firmly believe that skincare is not limited to a single product, but a complete routine, where each element works in harmony to meet the specific needs of each person.