Signature care

Dermique Micro-Abrasion Treatment

Suitable for all skin types, with the exception of sensitive and acneic skins. This treatment is necessary to prepare and optimize the skin for further treatments. It increases the skin's responsiveness and allows better penetration of products. This stimulating treatment includes a manual exfoliation with chopped and purified bamboo fibers. The skin is therefore oxygenated and detoxified. The skin display a radiant and brighter complexion and the cellular renewal is activated.

Fortifying Complex (15 ml)  Katrine Marso Serums.

Two enzyme Peeling Treatment

This innovative treatment is used for sensitive skin or skin with inflammatory tendency. This treatment includes the application of an exfoliating enzyme with active vegetal ingredients. The dead cells are eliminated, the texture of the skin is refined and cell renewal is stimulated. The skin has a more even complexion.

CRH Treatment

The CRH treatment is for anti-aging. It makes the surface of the skin visibly smoother and younger while the appearance of fatigue and signs of aging are reduced. Created with a selection of advanced ingredients, carefully selected for their proven effects in terms of performance. This treatment boosts the vital functions of the skin. It nourishes and softens. The skin comes back to life and regains its radiance. This unprecedented and essential treatment targets several skin levels. It intensely rehydrates the skin, restores the hydrolipidic barrier, improves tone and provides an immediate plumping and facelift effect.

Eclatlift Anti-Aging Treatment

This express treatment is ideal for skin that lacks luminosity and vitality, or is dull and tired. This relaxing and refreshing treatment dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles, redness and minor skin irritations. The skin will instantly look smoother. Its proven effectiveness gives vitality to the skin by visibly erasing signs of fatigue and by evening the complexion. You will be captivated by the scent, unveiling overall harmony.

Mineral Charcoal Mask (40 ml)  Katrine Marso Exfoliators & Masks.

Dosed Exfoliation Treatment

This treatment will stimulate cellular metabolism. This unique treatment is essential to activate the cellular renewal within the framework of a treatment or during seasonal changes. It triggers a detoxification process of the skin cells, by maintaining its balance. The skin cells must eliminate any waste of the degradation process. With the help of a lymphatic drainage, the Dosed Exfoliation will help eliminate any toxins in the skin cells.

Perfection Serum (15 ml)  Katrine Marso Serums.

Glyco F1 and F1+

Take advantage of the strength of acids with this powerful, stimulating and exfoliant care. The Glyco F1 and F1+ Care stimulates the production and the renewal of the cells thanks to its unique composition of glycolic, lactic and citric acids. Released by a progressive and continuous way, the lactic and citric acids allow this innovative care to exfoliate skin’s surface and then get glycolic acid, the smaller molecule of acids, in the skin to stimulate the cell renewal and the collagen production. 

It’s a care of progressive and controlled renovation. Care after care, the skin tone will be refined, therefore giving your complexion a consistent and bright glow. This formulation will gradually faded pigment spots.

Glyco-Peptide Care

This care of exception gives back the face its radiating youth, removes dead cells from the external layer and stimulates cell renewal, allowing then the emergence of healthy cells. This care, which is more rejuvenating than cleansing, allows going in the deep layers of the skin. 

This innovative and global care exfoliates many skin levels and the synergy of the ingredients provides longevity and regeneration to skin cells. These same ingredients will give back the epidermis its hydration and tonus. In addition, they will contribute to progressively erase pigment spots.