the newest skincare experiential kit

Introducing Katrine Marso's Experiential Box - personalized skincare tailored to your needs. Explore curated samples, indulge in a sensory journey, and discover the perfect products for your unique skin. Embrace a personalized beauty experience at your own pace, respecting and nurturing your skin with Katrine Marso.

From the people
From the people

"Got the Oily Skin Kit and it was spot-on for just over two weeks. The products responded to my skin's needs. After the samples ran out, the real struggle was choosing which ones to buy full-size. Thankfully, Mylène was there with fantastic advice, helping me build my perfect routine. Truly a brand that cares."

From the people

"Loving this Experiential Box! Each sample feels like it's made just for me. Perfect way to discover what my skin loves for cheap. Would definetly order again"

From the people

"Pure joy. It felt like it was picked just for me."


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